Landscape design is more than just shrubbing up the outside of a building. It is a logical planning process and also an art form that marries a site’s unique characteristics with people’s needs and wishes to create a totally unique outdoor place.

Many skills and talents are necessary in garden-making. Mendocino Garden Consultants brings a collaborative approach to the design process, creating high-quality landscapes that relate to their natural, historical, and architectural contexts.

First and foremost we have good ears. We listen carefully to understand how our clients want to relate to their site, and we ask questions that probe into the specific activities and personal preferences they have. We also listen and look at the site itself to see what it is now and what it wants to become.

Then we bring the principals of good design into play. Proportion, unity, order, rhythm, and contrast are universal rules that have been employed for hundreds of years throughout the world to create harmonious environments. Our familiarity with the nuances of various architectural and historical styles means that the garden and the structures will have a natural relationship with one another.

The design in then seasoned with playful and innovative approaches to plant selection, garden art, lighting, and furnishings so that your outdoor space is distinctive and expresses your style and personality.

The hundreds of decisions made during the design process are brought together and illustrated for clear understanding using a variety of graphic communication techniques. These include easy-to-read and colorful plans, informative elevations (side views), and revealing cross-sections, as well as quick sketches, inspirational images, and descriptive text.

The 3D computer model is a useful tool we often use during the design phase, as well as in the presentation of our ideas. The model allows us to try out various colors and materials, adjust sizes and dimensions, and gives a realistic understanding of the proposed improvements before anything is built. We can fly overhead to see the big picture, or swoop down to eye level to see how it will look from inside looking out.

Finally, our team helps bring the design into physical form with our collaborative associations with skilled contractors, knowledgeable horticulturists, talented craftspeople, and local artists.

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